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Its all in the Re-Design

November 18, 2008


Interesting post on another site about the top 50 brand designs. Well worth a look. When you see how some logos end up infinitely better then the original you almost wonder what the designers were thinking in the first place!

Recognise this one?

Recognise this one?

The lives of elevators

November 7, 2008



I was reading an article from The New Yorker recently about the lives of elevators of all things. You may think that’s strange but it provided some mind boggling stats of how many elevator trips are made every day (eleven billion elevator trips a year in New York alone).

I still have a slight irrational fear of being trapped in a lift, after such an incident happened in the building where I used to work even though I was only in there for about 30mins, which still felt like a life time, but check out this video of the ordeal of a guy who was stuck in one for almost 40 hours…

Video –

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