Determining our visual field

This blog is intended as a place for us to share thoughts, ideas, plans and items of interest.

It is meant as an alternative means of sharing information with each other, without:

– having the information stored by a site which aims to profit from the content you create

– having to spam each other’s mail boxes

– being subjected to hoards of targeted advertising (WordPress does show some adverts, but if the idea catches on we can upgrade to get rid of these)

In other words, it’s simply about having a little more control over a space we can use to point to things of interest: a self-determined visual field  or selbst bestimmte Sichtfeld (thanks to the author of this article for that catchy title).

Please be aware, however, that this is also a public space, anyone can land here through a search or a link, none of the content is private.

The whole idea is that we all contribute. Create your own WordPress login, then send an email to stating the email address you used to sign up. You will then be made an ‘author’ and be able to create new posts.

If that sounds like too much hastle, use the username “visualfield” and the password “sichtfeld”, but remember to tell us who you are!

Make a post to tell us about:

– your projects

– something you’ve seen/read

– an upcoming or recent event

– anything you like

The following categories have been added already, please add more!

– music

– berlin

– languages (posts in other languages also welcome!)

– politics

– giggles

This post will be stuck to the front page for a while to explain what it’s all about.

Happy blogging x

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