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Nominal determinism

January 14, 2009

Apparently nominal determinism – the belief that your name can determine what you later become in life – works with German names too. The man who has helped millions of chemistry students to memorise the periodic table with his song The Elements is called Tom Lehrer.

The one I was trying to think of at MJ’s the other night was Kevin De Cock, director of the department of HIV/AIDS at the World Health Organisation.

Still Tangled

January 14, 2009

After finding a long-sought-after white label on discogs I decided to make a mix of all the tunes I used to hear at the Manchester club Tangled where I first fell in love with electronic music.

Some of the tunes are slightly poor in sound quality (rescued from a back-in-the-day hard drive) but if you were raving any time around 1999-2001 then this should bring back some fine memories.

Download here